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Center Claims Mod Title as Davis & Thornton Take Saturday Wins!

By canyon | 30 September 2012 | Featured News | | 0 Comments   

Lonnie Wheatley, PEORIA, Ariz. (September 29, 2012) – Charles Davis, Jr., and Ricky Thornton, Jr., topped Saturday night’s headline feature events that put the wraps on Canyon Speedway Park’s IMCA Modified Championship Finale weekend double.

While Davis, Jr., picked off his third CSP Challenge Cup Sprint Car win and Thornton, Jr., notched his third triumph as well in the IMCA Modified ranks, Cody Center rebounded from a rocky heat race to earn the IMCA Modified track championship by racing from 14th to claim runner-up honors in the feature event.

Other feature winners on Saturday night included Ty Weidner in the Pure Stocks, Nick Langer in Bomber action and Greg Loper in the Dwarf Car ranks.

“Chargin’ Charles” Davis, Jr., raced from the fourth row outside to take the CSP Challenge Cup Sprint Car win in front of Johnny Shelton, Jr., Bryan Swinehart, Matt Lundy and Stevie Sussex.

Ricky Thornton, Jr., claimed IMCA Modified honors from sixth, taking the checkered flag ahead of Center, who earned the track championship by 16 points over Jason Noll, who claimed the show position in Saturday’s feature.  Pole starter Nate Warren and Guy Norton rounded out the top five.

Ty Weidner took advantage of a front row outside starting position to snare his fifth Pure Stock win of the year ahead of Joe Vlasity, Steve Bitting, Marlowe Wrightsman and Chris McCurdy, Jr.

Nick Langer completed a sweep of the weekend’s Bomber action by taking the checkered flag ahead of John Wilt and Justin Bishop, while Greg Loper became the first repeat winner of the year in Dwarf Car action at CSP by crossing the stripe ahead of Ryan Hennesey and Fred Defibaugh.

Action continues at Canyon Speedway Park next Saturday night with the winged Sprint Cars of the ASCS Southwest Region taking to the 1/3-mile clay oval along with ASCS2 Micro Sprint Cars, Southwest Mod Lites, Pure Stocks and Bombers.


Canyon Speedway Park:

IMCA Modifieds:

First Heat:  1. 39-Derek Huggins, 2. 8-Nate Warren, 3. 3-Jim Collinsworth, 4. 31-Jay Parvin, 5. 40-Jeff Stafford, 6. 6-Zach Washburn, 7. $-Cody Center.

Second Heat:  1. 44-Jason Noll, 2. 20rt-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 3. 41-George Fronsman, 4. 12-Guy Norton, 5. 78-Steve Stultz, 6. 7k-Lupe Gomez, 7. 87-Clifton Maggard.

“A” Feature:  1. 20rt-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. $-Cody Center, 3. 44-Jason Noll, 4. 8-Nate Warren, 5. 12-Guy Norton, 6. 40-Jeff Stafford, 7. 78-Steve Stultz, 8. 31-Jay Parvin, 9. 3-Jim Collinsworth, 10. 82-J.C. Parmeley, 11. 7k-Lupe Gomez, 12. 6-Zach Washburn, 13. 87-Clifton Maggard, 14. 39-Derek Huggins, 15. 41-George Fronsman.


CSP Challenge Cup Sprint Cars:

First Heat:  1. 7j-Kiley Fellars, 2. 2-Charles Davis, Jr., 3. 6-Bryan Swinehart, 4. 74-Josh Pelkey, 5. 2x-Larry Gibson, 6. 53-Tom Lee, 7. 9-Johnny Shelton, Jr., 8. 29-Dean Colquette.

Second Heat:  1. 26-John Brinkley, 2. 0-Stevie Sussex, 3. 11T-Lonnie Oliver, 4. 16-Mike Visser, 5. 98-Matt Lundy, 6. 71-Scott Oliver, 7. 76a-Art Mankle.

“A” Feature:  1. 2-Charles Davis, Jr., 2. 9-Johnny Shelton, Jr., 3. 6-Bryan Swinehart, 4. 98-Matt Lundy, 5. 0-Stevie Sussex, 6. 26-John Brinkley, 7. 11T-Lonnie Oliver, 8. 53-Tom Lee, 9. 7j-Kiley Fellars, 10. 2x-Larry Gibson, 11. 74-Josh Pelkey, 12. 16-Mike Visser, 13. 71-Scott Oliver, 14. 76a-Art Mankle, 15. 29-Dean Colquette.


Pure Stocks:

First Heat:  1. 25-Steve Duffy, 2. 90-Lee Morrell, 3. 6-Michael Wrightsman, 4. 78-Kevin Parker, 5. 28x-Donnie Yates, 6. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 7. 3-Ashley Stafford, 8. 46r-Dane Reblin.

Second Heat:  1. 7-Steve Bitting, 2. 28-Richard Mandell, 3. Z28-Ty Weidner, 4. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 5. 06-Marlowe Wrightsman, 6. 83-Mike Goodwin, 7. 31-Harry Roud, 8. 23jr-Chris McCurdy, Jr.

“A” Feature:  1. Z28-Ty Weidner, 2. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 3. 7-Steve Bitting, 4. 06-Marlowe Wrightsman, 5. 23jr-Chris McCurdy, Jr., 6. 78-Kevin Parker, 7. 31-Harry Roud, 8. 25-Steve Duffy, 9. 83-Mike Goodwin, 10. 28-Richard Mandell, 11. 90-Lee Morrell, 12. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 13. 6-Michael Wrightsman, 14. 28x-Donnie Yates, 15. 46r-Dane Reblin, 16. 3-Ashley Stafford.



First Heat:  1. 65-Joe Peterson, 2. 66-Joe Setelin, 3. 72-John Wilt, 4. 04b-Justin Bishop, 5. 17L-Nick Langer, 6. 15-Kyle Williams, 7. 99-Trenton Setelin, 8. 5-Larry Williams, 9. 61-Ted Markle.

“A” Feature:  1. 17L-Nick Langer, 2. 72-John Wilt, 3. 04b-Justin Bishop, 4. 66-Joe Setelin, 5. 85-Joe Peterson, 6. 15-Kyle Williams, 7. 5-Larry Williams, 8. 99-Trenton Setelin, 9. 61-Ted Markle.


Dwarf Cars:

First Heat:  1. 31-Greg Loper, 2. 65-Steve Dunn, 3. 93-A.J. Breau, 4. 22-Daniel Lamm, 5. 51-Bill Drake, 6. 18-Travis Sellars, 7. 76-Cyna Stehr, 8. 57-Kyle Huttenhow.

Second Heat:  1. 54-Fred Defibaugh, 2. 32-Rick Godsey, 3. 17-Brian Stehr, 4. 27-Randy Dutra, 5. 47-Steve Kapaun, 6. 08-Ed Halliburton, 7. 0k-Roger Hattlestad, 8. 55-Cody Halliburton.

Third Heat:  1. 14-Ryan Hennesey, 2. 16-Jim Hock, 3. 77-Eric Muse, 4. 0-Brian Hattlestad, 5. 45-Jeffrey Schoeb, 6. 29-Cory Brown, 7. 4-Ryan Irish, 8. 13-Bryan Meredith, 9. 88-Danny Sheffield.

“B” Feature:  1. 47-Steve Kapaun, 2. 76-Brian Stehr, 3. 29-Cory Brown, 4. 08-Ed Halliburton, 5. 13-Bryan Meredith, 6. 88-Danny Sheffield, 7. 0k-Roger Hattlestad, 8. 18-Travis Sellars, 9. 45-Jeffrey Schoeb, 10. 4-Ryan Irish.

“A” Feature:  1. 31-Greg Loper, 2. 14-Ryan Hennesey, 3. 54-Fred Defibaugh, 4. 93-A.J. Breau, 5. 32-Rick Godsey, 6. 22-Daniel Lamm, 7. 16-Jim Hock, 8. 51-Bill Drake, 9. 77-Eric Muse, 10. 29-Cory Brown, 11. 13-Bryan Meredith, 12. 08-Ed Halliburton, 13. 88-Danny Sheffield, 14. 47-Steve Kapaun, 15. 0-Brian Hattlestad, 16. 76-Cyna Stehr, 17. 65-Steve Dunn, 18. 27-Randy Dutra, 19. 17-Brian Stehr, 20. 0k-Roger Hattlestad.

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