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R.J. Johnson & Clauson Among Copper on Dirt Champions!

By canyon | 03 March 2013 | Featured News, Headlines | | 0 Comments   

RJ Sprint CSP 030213 T Shaw 700Lonnie Wheatley, PEORIA, Ariz. (March 2, 2013) – R.J. Johnson put a stop to Byan Clauson’s reign of Canyon Speedway Park domination by winning Saturday night’s Sixth Annual Copper on Dirt 30-lap main event in the USAC/CRA Sprint Car ranks after Clauson had earlier completed a sweep of the weekend’s USAC Western States Midget action atop the 1/3-mile clay oval.

While Phoenix native Johnson bested the Sprint Car ranks and Clauson conquered the Midgets, Garrett Alberson took Copper on Dirt honors in West Coast Late Model action with George Fronsman victorious in IMCA Modified competition.

After starting from the second row inside, Johnson took the lead away from Bruce St. James on the second round and led the rest of the way for Copper on Dirt honors in the 30-lap USAC/CRA feature aboard the Martin owned Weiler Farms/Pecon Builders to deny Clauson his ninth CSP triumph in ten feature starts.

Johnson took the checkered flag ahead of front row outside starter Nic Faas, with Clauson settling for the show position.  Damion Gardner climbed from 12th to fourth, with Ryan Bernal charging from 19th to round out the top five.  Bud Kaeding, 18th-starter Hunter Schuerenberg, 17th-starter Rickie Gaunt, Charles Davis, Jr., and Brody Roa completed the top ten.

Clauson Midget CSP 030213 T Shaw 700Starting from the front row outside, Clauson completed a sweep of the weekend’s USAC Western States Midget Copper on Dirt action after chasing Kody Swanson for the opening 18 rounds of the 25-lapper.  Clauson took command on the 19th circuit aboard the Tucker/BCI/Curb-Agajanian No. 39 and beat Rico Abreu to the stripe, with fast qualifier Christopher Bell rebounding from an early spin to claim the show position.  R.J. Johnson was fourth, with Kyle Larson showing up in time to tag the field and race from 21st to round out the top five.

Alberson bested the West Coast Late Models by racing from the second row inside to take the checkered flag in front of reigning series champion Clay Daly, with Anthony Madrid, Nick Bartels and Tony Torte rounding out the top five.

George Fronsman raced from the pole position to take top IMCA Modified honors ahead of 10th-starter Anthony Madrid with Guy Norton, Ricky Thornton, Jr., and Brandon Eichelberger rounding out the top five.

Canyon Speedway Park kicks off the 2013 regular season on Saturday night, March 16, with a card that features the USAC Southwest Sprint Cars along with Micro Sprints, Challenge Cup Sprint Cars and Southwest Mod Lites.

(Photos courtesy of Terry Shaw)


Canyon Speedway Park

Sixth Annual Copper on Dirt Finale Results:

USAC/CRA Sprint Cars:

Fast Qualifier: Mike Spencer, 50, Chaffin-13.588.

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. 2-Austin Williams, 2. 4-Nic Faas, 3. 37-Matt Mitchell, 4. 50-Mike Spencer, 5. 51-R.J. Johnson, 6. 73-Ryan Bernal, 7. 44-Cody Williams, 8. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 9. 55-Tony Everhart.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. 4g-Charles Davis, Jr., 2. 1x-Seth Wilson, 3. 7-Cory Kruseman, 4. 66-Rickie Gaunt, 5. 7k-Bruce St. James, 6. 11-J.J. Yeley, 7. 16-Mike Martin, 8. 3-Rip Williams, 9. 11c-Michael Curtis.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. 16b-Bryan Clauson, 2. 4a-Damion Gardner, 3. 8-Hunter Schuerenberg, 4. 92-David Cardey, 5. 74x-Joshua Hodges, 6. 29-Bud Kaeding, 7. 91-Brody Roa, 8. 37x-David Bezio.

“B” Feature (12 Laps): 1. 29-Bud Kaeding, 2. 3-Rip Williams, 3. 73-Ryan Bernal, 4. 91-Brody Roa, 5. 11-J.J. Yeley, 6. 44-Cody Williams, 7. 19-Andrew Reinbold, 8. 16-Mike Martin, 9. 37x-David Bezio, 10. 55-Tony Everhart, 11. 11c-Michael Curtis.

“A” Feature (30 Laps): 1. 51-R.J. Johnson, 2. 4-Nic Faas, 3. 16b-Bryan Clauson, 4. 4a-Damion Gardner, 5. 73-Ryan Bernal, 6. 29-Bud Kaeding, 7. 8-Hunter Schuerenberg, 8. 66-Rickie Gaunt, 9. 4g-Charles Davis, Jr., 10. 91-Brody Roa, 11. 74x-Joshua Hodges, 12. 92-David Cardey, 13. 11-J.J. Yeley, 14. 3-Rip Williams, 15. 44-Cody Williams, 16. 1x-Seth Wilson, 17. 19-Andew Reinbold, 18. 2-Austin Williams, 19. 37x-David Bezio, 20. 7-Cory Kruseman, 21. 7k-Bruce St. James, 22. 37-Matt Mitchell, 23. 50-Mike Spencer.


USAC Western Midgets:

Fast Qualifier: Christopher Bell, 71k, Kunz-14.297.

First Heat (8 Laps): 1. 71k-Christopher Bell, 2. 67w-Tyler Thorson, 3. 05-Jake Swanson, 4. 05-Kody Swanson, 5. 88-Johnathon Henry, 6. 7-Alex Sewell, 7. 22a-Rick Shuman.

Second Heat (8 Laps): 1. 39-Bryan Clauson, 2. 67k-Riley Emmel, 3. 67-Rico Abreu, 4. 39c-Dillon Welch, 5. 11-Troy Rutherford, 6. 91T-Tyler Thomas, 7. 2g-Terry Goodwin.

Third Heat (8 Laps): 1. 35-Scott Pierovich, 2. 51-R.J. Johnson, 3. 68-Ronnie Gardner, 4. 1az-Stevie Sussex, 5. 37-Trey Marcham, 6. 15-David Prickett, 7. 71-Kyle Larson (DNS).

“A” Feature (25 Laps): 1. 39-Bryan Clauson, 2. 67-Rico Abreu, 3. 71k-Christopher Bell, 4. 51-R.J. Johnson, 5. 71-Kyle Larson, 6. 05-Jake Swanson, 7. 35-Scott Pierovich, 8. 15-David Prickett, 9. 67w-Tyler Thorson, 10. 39x-Dillon Welch, 11. 1az-Stevie Sussex, 12. 88-Johnathon Henry, 13. 11-Troy Rutherford, 14. 67k-Riley Emmel, 15. 2g-Terry Goodwin, 16. 91t-Tyler Thomas, 17. 45-Kody Swanson, 18. 37-Trey Marcham, 19. 22a-Rick Shuman, 20. 7-Alex Sewell, 21. 68-Ronnie Gardner.


West Coast Late Models:

First Heat: 1. 42s-Don Shaw, 2. 43-Garrett Alberson, 3. 10-Mike Babane, 4. 00-Jeff Manka, 5. 91p-Jason Papich, 6. 23-Brad Williams, 7. 16b-Randy Brown.

Second Heat: 1. C9-Chad Reichenbach, 2. 81b-Bud Grossenbacher, 3. 91w-Kenny Wallace, 4. 5m-Anthony Madrid, 5. 81-Mike Stadel, 6. 22b-Bruce Duckett, 7. 12-Dave Deatz.

Third Heat: 1. 11x-Steve Drake, 2. 27-Nick Bartels, 3. 91t-Tony Torte, 4. 8p-Lonnie Parker, Jr., 5. 77-Bill Bartels, 6. 29-Jerry Fincher, 7. 28-John Cornell, 8. 2-Troy Ruebke.

“A” Feature: 1. 43-Garrett Alberson, 2. 32b-Clay Daly, 3. 5m-Anthony Madrid, 4. 27-Nick Bartels, 5. 91t-Tony Torte, 6. 10-Mike Babane, 7. 91p-Jason Papich, 8. 11x-Steve Drake, 9. 91w-Kenny Wallace, 10. 8p-Lonnie Parker, Jr., 11. 28-John Cornell, 12. 23-Brad Williams, 13. 81-Mike Stadel, 14. 12-Dave Deatz, 15. 16b-Randy Brown, 16. 77-Bill Bartels, 17. 81b-Bud Grossenbacher, 18. 2-Troy Ruebke, 19. 22b-Bruce Duckett, 20. 42s-Don Shaw, 21. 29-Jerry Fincher, 22. C9-Chad Reichenbach.


IMCA Modifieds:

First Heat: 1. 52w-D.J. Wood, 2. 59-Mark Stewart, 3. 16-Matt Ratcliffe, 4. 3x-Jason Briese, 5. 66-Brandon Eichelberger, 6. 8-Nate Warren, 7. 39-Derek Huggins, 8. 9-Ken Schrader.

Second Heat: 1. 12-Guy Norton, 2. 44-Jason Noll, 3. 09-Jay Foster, 4. 3-Jim Collinsworth, 5. 33jr-Paul French, Jr., 6. 37-Nathan Tanquary, 7. 4r-Ross Statham, 8. 03-Travis Martineau.

Third Heat: 1. 41-George Fronsman, 2. 20rt-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 3. 111-Logan Drake, 4. 5m-Anthony Madrid, 5. $-Cody Center, 6. 87-Clifton Maggard, 7. 65-Tim Palmer.

“A” Feature: 1. 41-George Fronsman, 2. 5m-Anthony Madrid, 3. 12-Guy Norton, 4. 20rt-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 5. 66-Brandon Eichelberger, 6. 8-Nate Warren, 7. 16-Matt Ratcliffe, 8. 37-Nathan Tanquary, 9. 87-Clifton Maggard, 10. 44-Jason Noll, 11. 09-Jay Foster, 12. 52w-D.J. Wood, 13. $-Cody Center, 14. 39-Derek Huggins, 15. 33jr-Paul French, Jr., 16. 3x-Jason Briese, 17. 111-Logan Drake, 18. 03-Travis Martineau, 19. 59-Mark Stewart, 20. 3-Jim Collinsworth, 21. 4r-Ross Statham, 22. 65-Tim Palmer, 23. 9-Ken Schrader.

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