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Thornton & Madrid Split Victory Honors in Stock Car Shootout Opener!

By canyon | 31 August 2014 | Featured News | | 0 Comments   

Lonnie Wheatley, PEORIA, Ariz. (August 30, 2014) – Ricky Thornton, Jr., and Anthony Madrid split victory honors on the opening night of the Rips Napa Auto Parts Stock Car Shootout 100 as 110 cars filled the pit area on Saturday night at Canyon Speedway Park.

While Thornton, Jr., and Madrid won the Stock Car qualifiers to earn front row starting berths for Sunday night’s $2,000-to-win 100 Lap Stock Car Shootout finale, other Saturday night winners included Cody Center in IMCA Modifieds, Matt Lundy in Challenge Cup Sprint Cars, Chris McCurdy, Sr., in Renegades, Thornton, Jr., in Mod Lites and Eric Winemiller in X Mods.

After setting quick time amongst the 29-car Pure Stock field, Thornton, Jr., raced from sixth in the first qualifying race to earn the pole position for Sunday night’s Stock Car Shootout 100 by taking the checkered flag ahead of reigning Shootout champ Matt Martinez, Ty Weidner and John Parmeley, each of whom locked into Sunday night’s front four rows.

Madrid matched Thornton, Jr., by racing from sixth to win the second qualifying race ahead of Steve Bitting, Jerry Bullis and Speedy Madrid.

In Renegade action, Chris McCurdy, Sr., raced from eighth to take the win ahead of Joe Peterson, Richard Bennett, 15th-starter Chris McCurdy, Jr., David Harrington and John Foster. Those six drivers locked themselves into the front three rows of Sunday night’s $300-to-win main event.

Cody Center broke the Ricky Thornton, Jr., stranglehold on CSP victory lane in IMCA Modified action by racing from ninth to take the win ahead of Mike Strobl, Brian Schultz, Ryan Roath and Guy Norton while Thornton, Jr., crossed the stripe 12th.

Thornton, Jr., did reach victory lane in another division though by besting the Mod Lite ranks from the pole position, racing to the stripe ahead of John Priest, 22nd-starter Chaz Baca, Jr., Tyler Merrill and Ken Young.

Matt Lundy topped the Challenge Cup Sprint Car forces by taking the checkered flag ahead of Mike Visser and Lonnie Oliver with Eric Winemiller taking X Mod honors in front of Bo Partain and Chris Caldwell.

The Stock Car Shootout 100 concludes Sunday night with the $2,000-to-win, 100-Lap Pure Stock Main event and $300-to-win Renegades along with IMCA Modifieds, Challenge Cup Sprint Cars, Mod Lites and X Mods. Racing action goes green at 7:00 p.m.

Canyon Speedway Park

Stock Car Shootout Night One

August 30, 2014 Results:                                                                                 

Pure Stocks:

Fast Qualifier: Ricky Thornton, Jr.

First Qualifying Race: 1. 5m-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. 21m-Matt Martinez, 3. Z28-Ty Weidner, 4. 92p-John Parmeley, 5. 01-Ty Warner, 6. 00-Lonnie Foss, 7. 19w-John Thomas, 8. 47-Daren Olney, 9. XX-Chuck Thornton, 10. 28-Mike Herrera, 11. 53-Justin Thornton, 12. 3-Ashley Stafford, 13. 40sr-Jeff Stafford, 14. 77-Danny James, 15. 13-Robert McClelland.

Second Qualifying Race: 1. 08-Anthony Madrid, 2. 7-Steve Bitting, 3. 33az-Jerry Bullis, 4. 15-Speedy Madrid, 5. 68v-Joe Vlasity, 6. 55-Jason Schwader, 7. 13m-Johnny Madrid, 8. 3z-Zack Madrid, 9. 17L-Nick Langer, 10. 24-Josh Carter, 11. 28x-Donnie Yates, 12. 22-Craig Ibers, 13. 51-Donald Carter, 14. 23jr-Chris McCurdy, Jr.



First Heat: 1. 24-Chris McCurdy, Sr., 2. 16b-Richard Bennett, 3. 99-Trenton Setelin, 4. 3-David Harrington, 5. 64s-Jonathan Stalhut, 6. 57a-Tate Allen, 7. 16x-John Foster, 8. 18bm-Chris McCurdy, Jr.

Second Heat: 1. 9-Paul O’Connor, 2. 85-Joe Peterson, 3. 75-David Irwin, 4. 14m-Mark Killian, 5. 69r-Sara Reblin, 6. I8-1-Tom Grassi, 7. 13-Jason Crowe, 8. 73-Craig Carrajat.

“A” Feature: 1. 24-Chris McCurdy, Sr., 2. 85-Joe Peterson, 3. 16b-Richard Bennett, 4. 18bm-Chris McCurdy, Jr., 5. 3-David Harrington, 6. 16x-John Foster, 7. 75-David Irwin, 8. 73-Craig Carrajat, 9. 14m-Mark Killian, 10. 69r-Sara Reblin, 11. 64s-Jonathan Stalhut, 12. 9-Paul O’Connor, 13. 99-Trenton Setelin, 14. 57a-Tate Allen, 15. I8-1-Tom Grassi, 16. 13-Jason Crowe.


IMCA Modifieds:

First Heat: 1. 39-Derek Huggins, 2. 24-Mike Martin, 3. 75jr-Chaz Baca, Jr., 4. 12-Guy Norton, 5. 19x-Kenny Gill, 6. 78-Steve Stultz, 7. 45h-Jason Hickingbottom, 8. 29-Scott Francouer, 9. 87-Clifton Maggard.

Second Heat: 1. 198-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. L8-Brian Schultz, 3. 8-Nate Warren, 4. 5az-James Webster, 5. 21r-Ryan Eaden, 6. T39-Lupe Gomez, 7. 45-Ryan Roath, 8. 27-John Brinkley, 9. 3-Brad Whitfield.

Third Heat: 1. 53-Justin Thornton, 2. X04-Mike Strobl, 3. 41-George Fronsman, 4. $-Cody Center, 5. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 6. 756-Norman Uptain, 7. 53x-Nick Bruce, 8. 59-Mark Stewart.

“B” Feature: 1. 78-Steve Stultz, 2. 19x-Kenny Gill, 3. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 4. 45-Ryan Roath, 5. 59-Mark Stewart, 6. 21r-Ryan Eaden, 7. 87-Clifton Maggard, 8. 29-Scott Francouer, 9. 3-Brad Whitfield, 10. T39-Lupe Gomez, 11. 45h-Jason Hickingbottom, 12. 53x-Nick Bruce, 13. 756-Norman Uptain, 14. 27-John Brinkley.

“A” Feature: 1. $-Cody Center, 2. X04-Mike Strobl, 3. L8-Brian Schultz, 4. 45-Ryan Roath, 5. 12-Guy Norton, 6. 78-Steve Stultz, 7. 59-Mark Stewart, 8. 19x-Kenny Gill, 9. 21r-Ryan Eaden, 10. 8-Nate Warren, 11. 87-Clifton Maggard, 12. 198-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 13. 24-Mike Martin, 14. 53-Justin Thornton, 15. 5az-James Webster, 16. 29-Scott Francouer, 17. 41-George Fronsman, 18. 39-Derek Huggins, 19. 40jr-Bubba Stafford, 20. 75jr-Chaz Baca, Jr.


Challenge Cup Sprint Cars:

First Heat: 1. 85-Bobby Marcum, 2. 5-Mike Visser, 3. 99-Matt Lundy, 4. 22-Dustin Burkhart, 5. 11T-Lonnie Oliver, 6. 88-Aaron Jones, 7. 40-Vince Perez, 8. 63-Don Keesler, 9. 17-Joe Scheopner.

“A” Feature: 1. 99-Matt Lundy, 2. 5-Mike Visser, 3. 11T-Lonnie Oliver, 4. 22-Dustin Burkhart, 5. 88-Aaron Jones, 6. 40-Vince Perez, 7. 63-Don Keesler, 8. 17-Joe Scheopner, 9. 85-Bobby Marcum.


Mod Lites:

First Heat: 1. 52-Brenden Priest, 2. 17-Steve Moriarty, 3. 15-Ken Young, 4. 95-Collin Bender, 5. 2k-Taylor Kuehl, 6. 7-Mike Schmidt, 7. 67-Austin Zeppen, 8. 75-Chaz Baca, Jr.

Second Heat: 1. 88-Tyler Merrill, 2. 99-Adam Etcher, 3. 14-Josh Rivera, 4. 96-Hayden Bender, 5. 21-Jimy Terstriep, 6. 55-Erin Harrison, 7. 9-Mark Hammill.

Third Heat: 1. 51-John Priest, 2. 97-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 3. 77x-Austin Kuehl, 4. 69-Michael Humphreys, 5. 36-Mike Smith, 6. 27-Mike Evans, 7. 30-Lexus Gann.

“A” Feature: 1. 97-Ricky Thornton, Jr., 2. 51-John Priest, 3. 75-Chaz Baca, Jr., 4. 88-Tyler Merrill, 5. 15-Ken Young, 6. 99-Adam Etcher, 7. 77x-Austin Kuehl, 8. 95-Collin Bender, 9. 17-Steve Moriarty, 10. 36-Mike Smith, 11. 14-Josh Rivera, 12. 7-Mike Schmidt, 13. 2k-Taylor Kuehl, 14. 21-Jimmy Terstriep, 15. 27-Mike Evans, 16. 69-Michael Humphreys, 17. 67-Austin Zeppen, 18. 9-Mark Hammill, 19. 30-Lexus Gann, 20. 96-Hayden Bender, 21. 52-Brenden Priest, 22. 55-Erin Harrison.


X Mods:

First Heat: 1. 75c-Bo Partain, 2. 44-Eric Winemiller, 3. 26-Trevor Miller, 4. C11-Chris Caldwell, 5. 57-Ron Poe, 6. 4g-David Farley, 7. 28-Ben Miller.

“A” Feature: 1. 44-Eric Winemiller, 2. 75c-Bo Partain, 3. C11-Chris Caldwell, 4. 26-Trevor Miller, 5. 57-Ron Poe, 6. 4g-David Farley, 7. 28-Ben Miller, 8. 09-Cole Petersen.

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